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Safra 5356 Aluminium MIG...

    Safra 5356 Aluminium MIG Wire 6kg Spool

    Recognised as the highest quality aluminium welding wire. Precision layer wound & double diamond shaved for superior feedability. Applications include construction of ships, storage tanks & in the automotive industry. Clearly the professionals choice. Available in 1.0mm and 1.2mm in 6kg Spools. Request a Quote Today for a pallet of 84 Spools (504kg).

    5356 Aluminium MIG Wire 6kg...

      5356 Aluminium MIG Wire 6kg Spool

      High grade aluminium MIG welding wire in 1.0mm ER5356 can be used for higher strength weld applications. Contains 5% Mg (Magnesium) and is considered the most commonly used aluminium MIG welding wire. Suitable for all welding positions and with welding cast and wrought aluminium alloys.Available in 1.0mm or 1.2mm.

      Silicon Bronze Wire

        Silicon Bronze Wire

        Copper-based alloy used for gas tungsten and metal arc welding of metals like copper-silicon and copper-zing to themselves or steel. Contains approximately 3% silicon and may contain small amounts of tin, manganese or zinc. Silicon bronze wire does not require preheating before use.